Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Reading Secrets of the Millionaire Minds

Name of the book: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Author:  T.Harv Eker
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About the book:

Many people want to become rich and want to fill their pockets with money. Most people think about money but never care about the pocket.

They want lots of money in their pocket but they never think about first expanding their pocket so that they fill it a lot more. Here  I  called it a pocket but I am actually talking about the mind.

Expanding your mind with information on money will help you in becoming rich. 

This book tells us some of the knowledge about money that only the rich know. This creates an ideal money blueprint in your mind which resets your financial thermostat and helps you master the money game and increase your net worth.

This book rarely mentions the middle class because they have mixed opinions of the poor and the rich.

Book Summary: 

I want to start telling you about the book by sharing a story between a husband and his wife.

Husband: Darling? Why do you always slice the ends of a ham?

Wife: Well, that's how my mom used to cook it!Just a minute. I'll call her and let you know.

*Wife Calling Her Mom*

Mother: Hello?

Wife: Hi mom! Why did you always cut the edges of the ham again?

Mother: Well, I don't know dear. Because your grandmother used to do so for me, I guess.I'll call her and ask her why she did it.

*Mother calling her mom*

Grandmother: Yes? Who is this?

Mother: Hi mom! I remember you cutting off the edges of the ham for me when I was a kid. Can you remember why you did that?

Grandmother: Oh, darling! I remember that as clear as day. That was because my pan was too small you see.

Monkey-see monkey-do. Most of us learn how to handle wealth and money from our parents, or from very influential close friends.

Does that mean that it's always the correct advice to follow?

Only if your father was Warren Buffett, your mother was Vicki Robin and your BFF was Bill Gates, otherwise, no likely not!

Now that you understand that you learn about money from not the rich but from our parents and friends. It's time to unlearn those habits and things about money you learned.

The first step for becoming rich is not learning about money but actually unlearning about the concept of money.

 The concepts of money you learned until now from our friends and family made sense to us until now but was never right.

Why did I say it wasn't right? Because it did not make us rich.Not you nor me. This is the reason you are reading the book to learn about money from the rich.

In the secrets of the millionaire mind, T Harv Eker a rich and successful man presents 17 characteristics that he calls wealth files that separate the rich from the poor.

 I will now present to you all my top 5 takeaways to unlearn and learn about money from this book to increase your Net Worth.

Wealth File #1:Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles. 

Rich people always see the possibilities. The poor see the obstacles. Rich people are seeing the potential development. Poor people see potential losses. Rich people pay attention to rewards. 

The poor place emphasis on the risks. Rich people take responsibility for the results of their lives and act on the mind-set of "It will work because I'm going to make it work."

Rich people are expecting success. They have faith in their talents, they have faith in their imagination, and they assume that if the doo-doo hits a fan, they will find another way to succeed.

Poor people are preparing to fail. They lose faith in themselves and their skills. Many poor people feel that it would be devastating if things weren't working out. Since they're always seeing challenges, they 're usually reluctant to take a chance.No risk means no reward.

Wealth File #2: Rich people believe that "I build my future," poor people believe that "future is going to happen to me."

Poor people actually believe that the only way they can become rich is if someone else draws their name out of a hat. 

Instead of taking responsibility, there are three other activities that the poor love to do:

  • Blaming 
  • Justifying 
  • Complaining.

 "The blame game" is the favorite game of the poor.  

The blame game has one primary aim: to see how many people and circumstances you can point your finger at without ever looking at yourself.

If there's nothing to blame, you'll often hear the poor person rationalizing instead. "Well, money isn't  important anyway!" 

That fact that this mentality is a problem should be obvious. Would your girlfriend hang around for long if you keep telling her that she isn't important anyway? 

Nope and neither will money! 

What you focus on expands. If you complain, you focus on what's bad and you'll, therefore, get more of ... what's bad. 

This is a terrible strategy, both for your wallet and your mental health. Instead, do what a rich person would - take full responsibility and own your financial situation. The next time you catch yourself blaming, justifying, or complaining, correct yourself loud and clear.

For Example, When you hear yourself thinking, "No wonder I'm not a rich man! My parents never even owned a car!"

Correct yourself at once by saying: "But I'm not my parents, and besides, there are plenty of self-made millionaires out there! I'm as good as them, thus I can become wealthy like them!

Wealth File #3: Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well. 

“Rich people are good at handling their money."They are good at managing their assets. Poor people mismanage their money. 

If you want to be good at managing money I  recommend you to read my summary on "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Wealthy people are not any smarter than poor people; they just have different and more supportive money habits. 

It may not be the most glamorous problem, but it comes down to this: the single biggest difference between financial success and financial failure is how well you handle your money. It's simple: to master your money game, you have to manage it.

Poor people either mishandle their finances or ignore the issue of wealth. They don't even know that the measure of wealth is not income but Net Worth. 

A lot of people don't want to handle their finances because, first, they think it limits their independence, and second, they think they don't have enough time to control it.

This is the reason they never achieve financial freedom.

Wealth File #4: Rich people like to get paid based on results. Poor people, like to get paid based on time.

Poor people prefer to pay a steady monthly or hourly wage. They want a Steady Paycheck 

Why? Why? Because they are afraid to earn on the basis of their performance and to test their true value on the marketplace. But this security of a guaranteed monthly or hourly salary comes at a price and that price is their wealth.

The idea that they are exchanging their time for money at a fixed rate and that time is scarce puts a cap on their profits.

Don't ever put a limit on your Net Worth(not income!). 

Rich people, on the other hand, have revenue streams such as businesses, commissions, stock options, and profit-sharing which generate active and passive income.

Note that these revenues do not have ceilings. 

Rich people are believing in themselves. They like to be paid in direct proportion to the value they deliver to the market place. They trust in their quality and their ability to execute.

Poor people do not, and that is why they need guarantees in the form of fixed monthly salaries.

I urge you to bring this into action as soon as possible. 

Seek to get at least part of your income to rely on one of the rich's income streams listed above and also ensure that a part of your income is passive income.

Strive to make your profit 100% performance-based in the coming years.

Wealth File #5:Rich people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people. 

Rich people look to other rich and successful people as a way of inspiring themselves. 

Many  Rich and successful people see other rich and successful people as role models.

They think with a mentality, "If they can do that, I can do that as well."

Rich people are thankful that many have succeeded before them. Now they have a roadmap to follow which makes it easier to achieve their own success.

Why do you reinvent the wheel? There are proven methods of performance that work for everyone who applies them.

Unlike the wealthy, when poor people learn of other people's achievements, they sometimes ridicule them, condemn them, insult them, and seek to drag them down to their own level.

How many of you know that kind of person? How many of you know family members like that? The question is, how can you learn from, or be inspired by, someone you put down?

I hope you understood all the takeaways and soon start putting them to practice and make your own money blueprint to increase your Net Worth and achieve Financial Freedom

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