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Sell it like serhant Book Summary ,conclusion and my thoughts with pictures and examples

Name of the book:  Sell it like Serhant Author: Ryan Serhant Download Full Audiobook  at   Audible E-Book available in at   Amazon ,  Dymocks , Kinokuniya  and ljudbok Review - Good Reads About the Book: As we all know, real estate is a very difficult business to make deals, because buying a house is a big decision. The odd thing, though, is that top brokers like Ryan can close millions of dollars every day, while the less productive ones can only expect to close a few every month. If you're building a career in sales, this book has something for you and deserves a place on your bookshelf. This man has got to have some mad selling tactics. Every Chapter of Sell it like serhant explores something new. In his book Sell it like serhant, Ryan explains a variety of methods that are key to his success. These are the summary of some of the most practical and powerful ones I've learned from him. The Three F’s — How to always have clients knocking on your door: Ryan believes that the 3

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